April Favourites 2020

I am a huge Korean drama fan and I have been watching a lot more Korean drama during the self-quarantine period.

Favourite drama of the month:

  1. A Piece of Your mind (tvN)
  2. Memorist (tvN)
  3. Meow, The Secret Boy (KBS2)

Disclaimer: There will be major spoiler review for the drama mentioned.

1: A Piece of Your mind (tvN)

Photo credit: Soompi,tvN
  • Drama status: completed
  • Total episode: 12
  • Running time: 60 minutes per episode
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: Korean
  • Casts:
    • Male Lead: Jung Hae-in as Ha Won
    • Female Lead: Chae Soo-bin as Han Seo-woo

Drama Synopsis

A Piece of Your Mind is a romance drama about unrequited love that acted by Jung Hae-in as Ha Won, a warm-hearted artificial intelligence (AI) programmer who has been harbouring a one-sided love all these years eventually resigned himself to his lonely fate. Then came a classical sound engineer acted by Chae Soo Bin as Han Seo woo that wander into his world. Han Seo Woo remains optimistic despite facing difficulties and who finds herself drawn to watching Ha Won and his one-sided love from afar.

Reference source: Soompi and Viki.

My Thoughts

I think this romance drama is different from those typical romance drama (love development is fast pace and the intimate scene happen pretty quickly). Technically, this is not wrong because we are living in a modern society and everything is going at a fast pace.

I was confused when I watched the 1st episode. I did not get the idea of the plot and I question why would Seo Woo help a stranger (Ha Won) that she did not know and met. But I gave the drama a second chance to watch the 2nd episode. The 2nd episode was better as my question was answered.

This drama focuses on the Ha Won getting over the unrequited love that he had for 10 years which got me taken aback. I wouldn’t have that crush on someone that I did not get a chance to confessed for 10 years. A lot of things can change within a decade, probably his crush got married or so. And spot on! His crush got married. But he did not stop loving her.

That’s where Seo Woo came into the picture while he was meddling with his unrequited love and eventually helping him get over his one-sided love and move on in his life. Towards the end, both of them fell in love with each other.

Overall, I am pleased with this drama, the actors and actress were professional. It was indeed a lighted hearted drama with a tingling love sensation from the leads. Even though there wasn’t much kissing scene but small gesture like holding hands, hugging and comforting each other make me feel how much they loved each other. This is not recommended for people who seek for intense romance or intense kissing from the leads.

Watch the drama teaser:

With English Subtitles but not from the official channel.

2. Memorist (tvN)

Photo credit: kpopmap, tvN
  • Drama status: completed
  • Total episode: 16
  • Running time: 60 minutes per episode
  • Genre: Action, Thriller & Supernatural
  • Language: Korean
  • Casts:
    • Male Lead: Yoo SeungHo as Dong Baek
    • Female Lead: Lee SeYoung as Han SunMi

Drama Synopsis

Memorist is based on a webtoon written by writer JaeHoo. It tells a story of Dong Baek an extraordinary detective with supernatural power that can peer into the memories of whoever he touches and Han SunMi, a young elite criminal profiler who obtain a doctorate in criminal psychology and become a senior superintendent in the police force. These two highly-skilled professionals meet their match—a serial killer with abilities that transcend theirs combined.

Reference source: Soompi, Viu

My thoughts

I was hooked after watching the 1st episode. The 1st episode mainly introduced the leads. There was an action scene where both uses their technique to solve cases. For Dong Baek, he uses mostly his intuition to solve the cases and he was the only person in his country (might not be) with supernatural power that could read someone’s memory through physical contact regardless he used his hands or not. As long as any of his body parts came in contact with you, he could read your memories.

For Han SunMi, she uses her intelligence and her tech team to solve the cases within the shortest time possible. Between around 2nd to 4th episode, coincidentally, both of them are solving on the same mystery case of a serial killer. Though both used a different technique, they decided to work together to crack the case which is deeper than what they think it was.

I liked how each episode leaves me in suspension on what’s going to happen next. There were many plot twist that got me shocked and there was no romance between the leads. Both relationships are merely working partners solving a cold case that occurred 10 years ago.

Overall, I enjoyed watching this drama from my usual romance or romance-comedy drama. I think the plot was well written and the lead actors were very professional that I can feel their emotion while watching the drama. I highly recommend it to people who love crime, thriller action drama.

Watch drama teaser:

With English Subtitles but not from the official channel.

3. Meow, The Secret Boy (KBS2)

  • Drama status: completed
  • Total episode: 24
  • Running time: 30 minutes per episode
  • Genre: fantasy, romance-comedy
  • Language: Korean
  • Casts:
    • Male Lead: Kim MyungSoo (INFINITE’s L) as HongJo
    • Female Lead: Shin YeEun as SolAh

Meow, The Secret Boy is based on the webtoon written by writer Go Ara. SolAh, a graphic designer return to school and found a place for herself to live alone. Per her friend’s favour, Sol Ah takes in a cat named Hong Jo, and a story of the life of two housemates unfolds. However, Sol Ah is not aware of the fact that the cat, Hong Jo, can take a human form.

My thoughts

When I was watching the 1st episode, I find it weird and funny at the same time. The weird part was, realistically, a cat can never transform into a human being. But in this drama, Hong Jo can transform into a human. During the first few episodes,”Human Hong Jo” was exploring the world of what’s like being a human. He also secretly take this opportunity to get to know his owner, SolAh, better.

Unfortunately, SolAh did not realise that Hong Jo was her pet cat and mistaken him for the landlord son. There were many occasions where SolAh almost found out about the real identity of Hong Jo but she didn’t get the hint. This part got me a bit annoyed. I am wondering how come this female lead was kind of stupid and naive? I think that’s part of her drama character. She also had a tangled relationship with the supporting male lead, Lee JaeSun.

During the mid-way of the drama series, Hong Jo fell in love SolAh as in a pet love toward his owner as well as a human to human love. I find this part funny and sweet at the same time. SolAh also started to like him (assuming that he was the landlord son). But everything came crashing when she found out the true identity of Hong Jo who is her pet cat. She was distraught and her attitude towards Hong Jo changed. However, nearing the end of the drama, SolAh accepted the fact that Hong Jo was her pet cat as well as her human boyfriend.

Overall, I find the drama cute and unique in a way. This drama showed you the perspective from a pet to their owner on like how they view their owner and feeling towards them which is something that you don’t see often. Even though, the female lead, Shin YeEun is a rookie actress, her expression in the drama were accurate and good but there is still room for improvement. As for the male lead, Kim MyungSoo, he was a K-pop idol turned into an actor. He acted in a few dramas previously as leads and I know some will criticise his acting skills. But I feel that as he progresses on with his acting career, his acting skills improved significantly.

Watch the drama teaser:

With English Subtitles from Viu Singapore

Alright! I have come to end of my post. Stay happy and healthy!

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